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D-amino acid research WEB SITE by Dr. Pollegioni(Italy)

The final aim is to generate a scientific website built by the main researchers that are following the different topics related to the D-amino acid research field. Accordingly, Ifm asking you to participate in this by sending me texts/figures/references related to your research on D-amino acids, as well as notes and corrections to the published material. Ifll verify the content only to avoid the presence of unpolite and/or not scientifically sound statements.

Important: in order to cover further areas of interest, the present scheme of the website can be implemented with additional topics/pages following your suggestions and requirements. The present structure will be modified to account your contributions.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Prof. Pollegioni.

IDAR 2017 home page was launched!y26.July.2016upz
The 3rd International Conference of D-Amino Acid Research


  The D-Amino Acid Research Society was established in 2004. As of 2016, it has a membership of 300, composed of researchers whose subjects include chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, pharmacology and medicine, etc. The D-Amino Acid Research Society was the first in the world to focus solely on D-amino acid research.


  The aim of the D-Amino Acid Research Society is to promote the exchange of information, to stimulate discussion and collaboration among researchers, and to provide a forum and meetings for scientists covering all aspects of D-amino acid research.


Kenji Soda
Professor emeritus, Kyoto University


Hiroshi Homma
Professor, Kitasato University


Noriko Fujii
Professor, Kyoto University


Supporting Members