1) Annual meeting in Japan:

The biggest event of the society is the Annual Meeting, consisting of oral presentations, including symposia, and poster presentations. The meeting has been held in different cities in Japan each year. The atmosphere of the meeting is dynamic and includes open presentations and discussions.

2) International conference of D-amino acid research (IDAR):

IDAR has been held every few years since 2009. The first and the second IDAR were held in 2009 and 2014, respectively, in Japan. Scientists from all over the world who are interested in D-amino acid research are invited, and the past two conferences have been highly successful.  After the conferences, we published three books related to D-amino acid research.
The 3rd IDAR will be held on July 10th-13th 2017 at Varese, Italy.

3) Awards

Every year, the society has awarded a “Young Investigator Award”. The winners are encourage to give an oral presentation at the annual meeting and to submit their work to the web journal of the D-Amino Acid Research Society.

4) Publication of the web journal of the D-Amino Acid Research Society

The society publishes the web journal of D-amino acid research. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by referees.

5) Workshop

@Workshop is also annually held for the promotion of the exchange of information and stimulation of discussion and collaboration between academic researchers and industrial researchers and technologists.