Completion of IDAR 2014

The 2nd International Conference of D-Amino Acid Research (IDAR 2014) has been successfully finished. Your interest, participation and cooperation are highly appreciated.

Souvenirs        2014.09.10

Thank you very much for all of participants to IDAR 2014 in Utsunomiya.
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Welcome Message

     It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 2nd International Conference of D-Amino Acid Research (IDAR-2014). The conference is held in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan from September 2 (Tuesday) through September 5 (Friday), 2014.
     D-Amino acids have once considered unnatural amino acids that only exist in microorganisms. However, the development in analytical instruments and improvements in analytical methods have shown that D-amino acids are present widely in organisms, even in mammals including humans. These D-amino acids have been demonstrated to have important physiological functions. The enzymes that synthesize and degrade D-amino acids have also been detected in a wide variety of organisms. Today, we cannot describe life science without mentioning D-amino acids.
     The 1st International Conference of D-Amino Acid Research (IDAR-2009) was held at Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center in 2009 with the host of Professor Noriko Fujii, Kyoto University. Since then, D-amino acid research has rapidly progressed and a lot of new findings have been made. New analytical instruments and techniques have been also developed. The number of the researchers has remarkably increased and the research field has been extended. Therefore, we have decided to hold the 2nd International Conference of D-Amino Acid Research (IDAR-2014).
     Researchers who are actively conducting D-amino acid research are invited from all over the world. In the conference, the latest achievements in D-amino acid research will be presented and discussed. The opportunities for collaboration among the researchers will be offered. I encourage young scientists to attend the meeting and present the results of their research.
     Utsunomiya is located approximately 100-km north of Tokyo. It is a capital city of the Tochigi prefecture. The city is famous for a Chinese dish, jazz music, and cocktail drinks. Therefore, you can relax with these entertainments after the presentation and discussion. Furthermore, Utsunomiya is near the famous sightseeing spot, Nikko, where you can enjoy the shrines and temples of UNESCO world heritage. We are planning a short trip to Nikko to see the national treasures.
     We are looking forward to meeting you in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan.

Ryuichi Konno, Ph.D., Chair,
The 2nd International Conference of D-Amino Acid Research
International University of Health and Welfare

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Organizing Committee

Honoray Chair Kenji Soda Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University
Chair Ryuichi Konno International University of Health and Welfare
Vice Chair Hiroshi Homma Kitasato University
Vice Chair Noriko Fujii Kyoto Univeristy
Members (alphabetical order)
  Hiroki Abe Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo/
Research Institute of Seafood Biochemistry
  Yasuhisa Asano Toyama Prefectural University
  Makoto Ashiuchi Kochi University
  Nobuyoshi Esaki Kyoto University
  Kiyoshi Fukui The University of Tokushima
  Kenji Hamase Kyusyu University
  Kihachiro Horiike Shiga University of Medical Science
  Yoshio Kera Nagaoka University of Technology
  Tadatoshi Kinouchi Kyoto University
  Haruhiko Masaki The University of Tokyo
  Toru Nishikawa Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  Tadao Oikawa Kansai University
  Yutaka Sadakane Suzuka University of Medical Science
  Masaru Wada Hokkaido University
  Tohru Yoshimura Nagoya University




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